Bill Gates just partnered up with Gavin Newsom and on this INSANE new law… I’ve Had it, here is why I am leaving California Next Week and how I’ll be investing my money going forward! Enjoy – Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Here is why I am finally leaving California next week after a whopping 15 years!! This past year has been tough on us all however Gavin Newsom continues with one restriction and blow to the citizens, one after the next. This new partnership with microsoft and bill gates is the nail in the coffin for my family. I will be taking my money elsewhere.. I will be moving to new jersey to buy real estate full time. My goal will be to own 55 homes by the end of 2021 and buy my first property in Florida.. Throughout 2022 I will grow and scale both operations. By the end of 2022 my goal is to have a national real estate company that buys distressed real estate.

Unfortunately I will no longer be buying real estate in California which is unfortunate. I loved California and investing here however with all that is happening here, it no longer makes sense.

What do you think about Gavin Newsom and California? Do you think he will be recalled? Do you think the state will turn around? I hope it does, I truly do and if it does I will come back however at this point in time things just seem to be getting crazier and crazier and with a wife and a one year old and another baby on the way. It unfortunately just makes more sense to leave.

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