We are told one story on television about whats happening in CA and that it’s for our safety but here is the hidden truth about the Gavin Newsom Recall that we are not being told. Enjoy! Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

This is Breaking News for California in 2021!!

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Have you driven through DTLA lately? It is absolutely Hell.. Almost all small businesses are closed for good. This is an end of capitalism and freedom for the citizens of CA who want to work for a living. However the movement happening right now against Gavin is picking up major steam!! We have hit over 1,950,000 signatures and it is looking really good for the state of california, we really needed some good news. This state is on the way to being destroyed forever. The damage that has already been done under the guidance of gavin newsom and eric garcetti will be fully realized when we open back fully. However when you hear what gavin newsom has to say about the governors of both Florida and Texas you can see that he has no intention of opening up this state anytime soon. He is making million dollar deals and in some cases billion dollar deals, he is getting a free 3.7M mansion and much more ever since he took power in 2019 and his net worth now is likely astounding.. Breaking News for California 202!!

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