In today’s episode, we are going to talk about why everyone is leaving California, what exactly it means for the state, and how this affects the real estate market and investing.


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Many celebrities and influencers are leaving California. Elon Musk said he does not want to have his factories there anymore. Joe Rogan announced that he is moving to Texas. Ben Shapiro is leaving and going to Nashville. Most recently, Graham Stephan mentioned he was leaving California to go to Las Vegas (stay tuned for a potential Graham Stephan collab)! The list of people leaving California goes on.

The taxes are extremely high in California, the homelessness is increasing, and the poverty levels are through the roof. California as a state is continuing to raise taxes as if that were the solution to all of these issues.

About a month ago, I made a video on California raising their taxes and how it is driving people out of the state. After Graham Stephan’s “Why I’m Leaving California” video, my video on why people are leaving California has been exploding. If you missed that video, you can find it here:

Essentially, California wants to raise their state income tax despite already having the highest state income tax in the nation. In addition to doing so, California wants to retroactively tax people who have already left California.

I’ve been investing in Big Bear, California for three years, and every year the regulations have gotten worse and taxes have increased. I would not be surprised if I find myself making a video saying that I am leaving my California real estate in the hands of a new buyer due to the the increased taxes and regulations.

I foresee a lot of influencers leaving California and moving to Vegas due to the taxes as well. A lot of influencers have already announced that they are leaving California, and Graham Stephan is just the latest of whom I’ve spoken with.

I am not incentivized to continue to invest in California real estate as of now, but for those who live there and are concerned, this video will answer your questions.

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