As a California Licensed Real-Estate agent, this is my first video talking about the real-estate market (and specifically, California’s). Detailing a few different aspects that could cause/lead to a real estate crash.

While the stock-market is forward looking to determine stock prices and value, real-estate is usually the opposite. Prices are relative to previous sold listings and expectations.

Home sales and listings were ravaged during the Lockdown/Quarantine (the typical peak time for listings). If buyers aren’t allowed to view listings, sellers are going to notice this and decide to either list later or list and cause a pent up supply. As of May, this has slowly reverted back to the norm, however long term affects are yet to be known.

Basic economics can tell us that this, at least momentarily, can cause price reductions. The most important months to watch will be late July/August to observe property values (and more specifically, how appraisers will value the market after the economic downturn).

This is a preliminary video introducing what I will be watching for in the coming months. I will continuously discuss the real estate market and how my subscribers can react/take advantage of the situation.

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