House Tour 2020 | For sale: This home in Lincoln is on the market. I had an open house for it, and a lot of people liked it. What do you think of the home?? Lincoln is a few minutes from the Rocklin, Roseville area right outside of Sacramento. The current price of this home is $425k in which the dollar amount matches the comparable market analysis. For house hunters, be mindful of what Mello Roos can cost if there is one for the area.

Moving to Sacramento? Sacramento is a rising city in California, and it’s well worth taking a look into. Living in Sacramento? Give a shout out and let other people know what you think of living here! As part of my channel, I include new house tours from being a Sacramento realtor and hosting open houses, great places to try in Sacramento through a vlog or interview, and tips from what I’ve experienced in real estate so far. My goal is with these videos, these can formulate a Sacramento California tour.

Thank you so much for viewing, and any feedback is always welcomed!

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