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Equity Funding Source specializes in arranging loans directly for borrowers who, for the most part, are property owners, buyers or developers with substantial equity in the property and who mostly provide personal guarantees.

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Secure, High Yield Returns

We consider a wide range of properties when providing loans. These include single-family homes, apartment buildings, vacant land, development projects, industrial buildings, housing tracts, construction and entitlement loans. When investing detailed information on the borrowers and all aspects of the properties will be provided to you for review and consideration.

EFS offers whole or fractionalized interests in individual notes and deeds of trust. In these investments you would own an undivided interest (either a partial or whole interest) in a specific property, with the note describing the terms of repayment by the borrower and the deed of trust providing the security.

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quick approvals

We can get you approved as soon as we receive a completed loan application and required conditions to underwrite the loan.

Competitive rates

Typically range between 8.99% - 12.99% depending on loan to value and other criteria.

secured financing solutions

We offer affordable loans to qualified borrowers who posses the equity and ability to pay on the loan provided.

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Downey, CA

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Some types of funding we provide include >>

Cash out refinance

Our cash out refinance option allows real estate investors to leverage their property's equity for immediate liquidity. With streamlined processes and competitive rates, we facilitate quick access to funds, enabling investors to seize opportunities, fund renovations, pay off debt, or cover expenses without selling their property.

Fix & Flip

Our fix & flip financing options offer real estate investors the capital they need to turn distressed properties into profitable investments. With competitive rates and flexible terms, we empower business investors with the capital they need to expand their portfolio & accomplish their goals. We offer quick access to capital without the limiting requirements of traditional loans. As long as you have considerable equity and can prove the means to pay back your loan, we can work with you.


Whether you're building a residential property, commercial development, or rehabbing a fixer-upper, our expertise and dedication ensure that you have the capital necessary to turn your vision into reality. Our construction hard money loans provide real estate developers and investors with the financial support needed to bring their projects to life.


Whether it is property acquisition, debt refinancing, or renovating projects. We offer flexible financing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our application process is streamlined, ensuring efficient access to funds. With competitive rates and responsive customer service, we aim to support businesses in achieving their growth objectives.

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Thoroughly Vetted Borrowers, High Yield Returns

Our regular lending partners see steady and consistent growth on their investments.

We prioritize the security of your investments with a straightforward approach. Your funds are protected through loans backed by tangible assets, mainly real estate, providing a strong layer of collateral. We conduct thorough assessments on borrowers and properties, combining careful financial scrutiny and market analysis for informed lending decisions. Our transparent processes keep you in the loop, ensuring you’re confident in the performance and status of your investments. Equity Funding Source is dedicated to offering you a secure and straightforward lending experience, where your investments are shielded for optimal returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private lending offers faster access to capital compared to traditional bank loans, with less stringent requirements and a simplified application process. Additionally, private lenders often provide more flexibility in terms of loan terms and collateral options, allowing borrowers to secure funding for a wider range of real estate projects. We offer competitive rates, and similar payment options to traditional loans with less stress in the application process

To submit a loan application, simply complete our online application form with accurate information about your project, financial status, and borrowing needs. Once submitted, our team will review your application promptly and reach out to discuss next steps and any additional documentation required.

It is our priority to protect the interests of both our borrowers and lenders. We work hard at loan management as a preventative measure so that the loans don’t reach a state of default. If for some reason someone completely defaults on a loan, the lender may initiate legal proceedings to recover the outstanding debt. This could include foreclosure or repossession of collateral, depending on the terms of the loan agreement and applicable laws.


Absolutely! We may even offer the occasional 3rd! As long as there is enough equity/collateral, and you have the means to make your payments, there is a strong chance we can help get you funded.

We can help get up to 100% of the funds you need for your business purpose construction loan. The money would be placed in a secure account to ensure the funds are properly allocated as a protective measure for both the borrower and lender.

Rates vary, but can typically be between 9%-13% and possibly a bit higher for 2nd or 3rds under certain circumstances.

We specialize in equity based loans, so borrowers would need to display:

  1. The ability to make the term payments.
  2. Ample equity to guarantee the amount borrowed.

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